Why does Cortical Cysts Cause Back Pain

Why does Cortical Cysts Cause Back PainAs patients get cortical cysts, they will have back pain at different levels. They can’t do exercises they like or even can’t work normally. So why does cortical cysts cause back pain? How to release it?

Cortical cysts means the cyst located at renal cortex. It grows gradually outside the kidney. Patients can have one or several cysts on one or both kidneys. When the cyst is big enough, it can oppress kidney and other organs and issues around kidney. So patients will have back pain. Moreover, the vessels in kidney can be blocked by inflammation or ischemia which is caused of cyst. This will bring patients discomfort at back, too.

Immunotherapy can decrease cyst naturally and effectively so as to release back pain for patients. Do you know why? Immunotherapy takes use of man’s immune system to treat disease. It makes the body to induce, enhance and suppress immune response to the disease. Immunotherapy has six procedures:

1.Immune tolerance which means patients tolerate immune complex in kidney and damage of its inherent cells.

2.Regular blocking treatment

Block inflammation and damage in renal cells.

3.Check patient’s condition within certain time

This is to ensure the effect and validity of treatment.

4.Immune adjustment

To clear toxin out of kidney. In this way, patients can excrete cyst fluid out thus cyst will reduce.

5.Immune protection

By immune protection, patient’s renal cells can be prevented from further damage and will have a beneficial environment to repair.

6.Immune clear

To clear toxins out of blood. So the whole state of kidney can be improved. Blood circulation will speed up to stimulate cyst fluid out. Then cyst won’t crush kidney so back pain can be released or even reversed.

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