Can Renal Cyst Lead to Abdominal Pain

Renal Cyst, or kidney cyst, is a kidney disorder characterized by unequal-sized fluid-filled sac within the kidneys. Well, can renal cyst cause abdominal pain? Read on to find more information.

In recent decades, with the widespread use of imaging technology like B ultrasound or CT scan, an increasing number of people have been detected with cysts. And it’s reported that nearly 50% Can Renal Cyst Lead to Abdominal Painpeople above their 50s will be diagnosed at least one simple kidney cyst, as for those above 70s, the morbidity can reach up to 90%.

How does renal cyst cause abdominal pain?

In the initial stage, the cysts are small in size and they rarely cause symptoms. With the passing of time, the cyst will continue to enlarge and when the sizes become too big, a range of symptoms will appear. When there are bleeding and infections, abdominal pain can occur easily.

When this discomfort emerges, patients’ life quality will be affected to a large extent. So, timely and appropriate treatments are essential.

How to alleviate abdominal pain with renal cyst?

Laparoscopic decortication At present, it is the commonly used treatment for kidney cyst, even if the curative effect can be quick and obvious, some shortcomings do exist. For example, the recurrence rate is high.

Hot compress therapy As a characteristic therapy, the hot compress therapy created at our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital has obtained good therapeutic effects in eliminating abdominal pain and shrinking the cysts. It is convenient, comfortable and painless. If you have interest in the herbal list, please email us your test as early as possible. After careful study, we will provide you the individualized formula.

For patients with renal cyst, particular attention to abdominal pain should be paid. If you are suffering from this, do remember that we are here to help. Any questions, you can click the Live Contact or leave us message below. Best regards!


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