What are the Symptoms of Bilateral Renal Cyst

Bilateral renal cyst refers to a medical condition in which cysts develop on both kidneys. Then what possible symptoms will patients experience? Read on and you can have a basic understanding about this issue.

What are the Symptoms of Bilateral Renal CystIn general, the cysts are usually benign and asymptomatic. With time, they will increase both in numbers and sizes. Under certain circumstances, patients may present a range of symptoms. And the discomforts are as follows:

Back and abdominal pain When the cysts enlarge to a certain degree, they will oppress the surrounding renal tissues and structures, resulting pains, such as, back pain, abdominal pain, flank pain and so on. Except for this, when the cyst is infected, there can also be back pain or abdominal pain.

High blood pressure It is a very common symptom of bilateral renal cyst. In normal case, kidneys can help regulate blood pressure, however, in this disorder, the cysts will cause decline of renal function and renal ischemia an anoxic, therefore, hypertension is more likely to emerge.

Blood in urine In normal case, healthy kidneys can help filter out waste products and preserve useful substances in the body. Due to constant enlargement of cysts, the impaired kidney can not work normally, then red blood cells will leak into urine, resulting hematuria. Besides, it can also be connected with infections, such as, urinary tract infection.

Proteinuria In normal case, protein in urine is less than 2g/d. And the probability of developing into nephrotic syndrome is low.

Abdominal mass Sometimes, people with bilateral renal cyst may feel hard when they touch both sides of the abdomen. And this can be the reason why patients see a doctor.

If you are suffering from bilateral renal cyst and the above mentioned symptoms, remember that it is necessary to seek for effective treatments as early as possible. Here, we provide patients with herbal medicine. If you are interested in this, please click the Live Contact or leave us a message below. Good luck!


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