What are the Symptoms of Ruptured Renal Cyst

Renal Cyst, also known as kidney cyst, refers to small fluid-filled sac in the kidneys. And when the cysts enlarge to a certain degree, cyst rupture may occur easily. In this text, we will introduce it’s possible symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Ruptured Renal CystVarious pain

Honestly speaking, the pain is caused by the oppression against the adjacent kidney structures in the body. And it can affect the lower back, abdomen, hips and so on. Besides, infections can also lead to this phenomenon.


Hemorrhage can be regarded as a serious complication of ruptured cysts. In this case, the risk of presenting low blood pressure, fever, decreased urine output will be increased.

Blood in urine

Blood in urine, or hematuria, refers to extra red blood cells in the urine. In early stage, it can be unnoticed. In serious condition, a person can notice red urine.

Except for these symptoms, patients can also have a higher risk of presenting acute kidney failure.

To live a high-quality life, it is necessary to take effective treatments as early as possible. And the following suggestions can useful.

Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. As a combination of TCM and modern technology, it can refrain the secretion of cystic fluid, promote blood circulation and adjust the inner and outer pressure of the cysts remarkably. More info, please send us email:kidneyfight@hotmail.com and we are glad to help.

Besides, patients also need to pay attention to other factors. For example, avoid tighten waist belt, strenuous physical activities, any stimulating foods, etc.

This article is mainly on the symptoms of ruptured renal cyst, if you happen to be a person with this disorder, we are glad to help. Anything unclear, you can chat with our online doctor or leave us a message below. Best wishes!


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