Renal Cyst and Blood in Urine

Renal Cyst and Blood in Urine Renal Cyst refers to a small fluid pouches in the kidneys. In recent decades, many people with this disorder have been diagnosed with blood in urine. Then what are the causes?And how to alleviate it effectively? Read on and you can find the answer.

Causes of blood in urine in kidney cyst patients

In the early stage, the cysts are usually small and they will not cause symptoms. With time, the cysts will experience constant growth both in numbers and sizes. When they grows too big, they will oppress the surrounding kidney structures and cause decline of renal function. What’s more, when they cyst ruptures, red blood cells will leak into the urine and resulting hematuria.

In addition, blood in urine can also be connected with infections, such as urinary tract infection. Therefore, when it occur, patients should try to find out its causes and take effective treatments.

How to treat hematuria for people with renal cyst?

After the above introduction, we have come to such a conclusion: the treatment goal should be aimed at shrinking cysts, repairing kidney function and avoiding various infections.

At our Kidney Disease Hospital, we provide patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. As an combination of TCM and modern technology, it has obtained good curative effects in recent decades. It is convenient, comfortable and without side effects.

By dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation, increasing permeability of cysts and providing nutrient substances for the impaired kidneys, kidney function will be restored and blood in urine will be alleviated largely.

Except for effective treatment, renal cyst patients should also try to avoid other infections. Anything unclear, you can consult with our online doctors directly.

If you happen to be a person with renal cyst and blood in urine, we really hope you can benefit a lot. For more information, please send us Good luck!


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