Renal Cyst Symptoms

  • How to Reduce Blood Urine for Renal Cyst Patients without Dialysis

    Blood urine is one of symptoms of kidney disease; almost every patient with renal cyst will have blood urine. They really want to know what the reasons of blood urine are and how to reduce blood urine for renal cyst patients without dialysis...Read More

  • How to Relieve Back Pain Caused by Renal Cyst with Natural Chinese Medicine

    In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine has about 5000 years of history, which is healthy and natural without side effects. Some patients with renal cyst will have back pain, so how to relieve back pain caused by renal cyst with Chinese medic...Read More

  • How to Reduce High Creatinine Level 4.7 for Renal Cysts Patients

    Renal cyst refers to single or more cysts spreading on the kidneys, which is a common disease for patients. With they are enough large, they will oppress the kidney tissues, which cause kidney damage and lost functions gradually. Finally, lo...Read More

  • How to Diagnose Kidney Cysts with Some Symptoms

    Generally speaking, there is not obvious symptom bothered patients when the renal cysts is small. But the early found is very helpful for the timely and effective prevention. Then what kinds of things signs the renal cyst condition and need...Read More

  • Symptoms of A Renal Cyst Burst

    What will happen when the renal cyst burst? Renal cyst refers to there is one or more than one cystic mass which are not interlinked with outside spreading on the renal. Generally speaking, the small renal cyst wouldnt cause damage to kidne...Read More

  • Can I Work with a Ruptured Kidney Cyst

    If you happen to be troubled by a ruptured kidney cyst, you must wonder whether you can work as normal. In this article, we will give you a clear answer, please read on. In renal cyst, if no effective method is given, as the time, renal cys...Read More

  • What Can I Do About 6cm Cyst on Kidney

    Once there is a cyst in kidney, kidneys may not carry out its function normally. Then, what can i do about 6cm cyst on kidney? 6cm kidney cyst is very big, if left alone, with the time, the enlarged cyst will oppress the surrounding tissues...Read More

  • What to Do with 6 by 6cm Kidney Cyst on Kidney

    What to do with 6 by 6cm cyst on kidney? This is a common question, next, lets find the answer together. 6 by 6cm kidney cyst is very big, more bigger the renal cyst is, more severe the renal damage is. Because with the growth of cyst, enla...Read More

  • Why does Cortical Cysts Cause Back Pain

    As patients get cortical cysts, they will have back pain at different levels. They cant do exercises they like or even cant work normally. So why does cortical cysts cause back pain? How to release it? Cortical cysts means the cyst located...Read More

  • What Can I Do With 4.8x6.4cm Kidney Cyst

    Renal cyst is a common disease, generally, it can not threaten patients life. So, what can i do if i have 4.8x6.4cm renal cyst? Please follow me to find the answer. Generally speaking, it is no need to cut renal cyst until the diameter is m...Read More