How to Prevent Renal Cyst

How to Prevent Renal CystRenal Cyst refers to small round fluid-filled packet that grows in the kidneys. However, many patients do not realize this disorder when they take some medical examinations. To avoid serious condition from happening, early prevention seems very important.

Kick off bad habits. In daily life, some of the patients are more likely to develop bad habits. Such as, smoking and drinking. And study shows that alcohol can stimulate the growth of cysts to some extent, therefore, they should keep far away from alcohol.

Prevent from cold and infection. It is generally believed that cold and infection are two leading causes of kidney problems. So patients with renal cyst should try to avoid cold and infection as much as possible.

Do regular checkups. Suffers of this disease are suggested to do regular medical examinations every half a year, and the checkups can be blood pressure level, urine test, blood test, kidney function test, B ultrasound, MRI, etc.

Balance of work and rest. Take moderate exercises for 30 minutes every day is beneficial for those with kidney cyst. Meanwhile, they should try to avoid strenuous exercises, such as, football, basketball, baseball, etc.

Avoid stimulating foods. After research, experts at our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital suggest patients to avoid eating stimulating foods. Such as, pickled foods, pepper, shrimp, polluted foods and so on.

High-quality protein diet. Honestly speaking, patients should avoid eating too much high quantity protein foods, because excessive intake of protein will aggravate the illness condition. However, they can take some high-quality protein foods, such as, egg white, milk, fish, lean meat, etc.

Early prevention of renal cyst includes many aspects. If you happen to be a person with this disorder, we hope you can benefit a lot. For more information, you can choose to email or consult with our online doctor directly. Best wishes!


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