How to Improve the Prognosis of Renal Cyst

How to Improve the Prognosis of Renal CystRenal Cyst is a common kidney disorder especially among the elder. However, as the illness condition varies, different patients have different prognosis. And this article is mainly on the prognosis of this disorder.

What affects the prognosis of renal cyst?

Age, gender, the sizes of cyst, cyst rupture, infections, the living environment, lifestyle, etc can all affect the prognosis of this disease.

How to improve renal cyst prognosis?

After the above analysis, we have realized factors that affect the prognosis of renal cyst. To have a better prognosis, patients can do the following things:

Healthy eating habit

In most cases, the diet principle can be concluded like this: low-salt diet, low-fat diet, proper intake of high-quality protein foods. In addition, patients are suggested to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have interest in the individualized diet plan, you can describe your illness condition in detail and email After careful study, our doctors will reply you soon.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

As a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology. This treatment has obtained good curative effects in shrinking cysts and repairing kidney function.

By promoting blood circulation, increasing the permeability of cystic walls and adjusting the inner and outer pressure of cysts, the cystic fluid will be excreted out of the body eventually. After a period of treatment, patients can feel better than before and the prognosis can be promoted to a large degree.

Proper exercises

For patients with renal cyst, they should try to avoid strenuous exercises and take some moderate exercises. Such as, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and so on.

In addition, patients should quit drinking and smoking. As study have shown that alcohol can stimulate the growth of cysts.

If you happen to be a person with renal cyst, we hope the above contents can be helpful to you. Anything unclear, you can leave us message below or consult with our online doctor. Best wishes!

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