Ways to Improve the Prognosis of Renal Cyst

Renal Cyst is a common kidney disorder especially among the elder. However, as the illness condition varies, different patients have different prognosis for they live the different life and take the different treatment, which also mean that patients can improve their prognosis of renal cyst through many ways, here would have a introduction for renal cyst patients.

How to improve renal cyst prognosis?

Age, gender, the sizes of cyst, cyst rupture, infections, the living environment, lifestyle, etc can all affect the prognosis of this disease. To have a better prognosis, patients can do the following things:

Healthy eating habit

Low-salt diet, low-fat diet, proper intake of high-quality protein foods is proper for kidney cyst patients. In addition, patients are suggested to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, no leftovers, process foods, pickles, barbecue is very important for kidney cysts patients to prevent the cysts fluids secretion. In addition, patients should quit drinking and smoking. As study have shown that alcohol can stimulate the growth of cysts.

Proper exercises

For patients with renal cyst, they should try to avoid strenuous exercises and take some moderate exercises. Such as, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and so on.

Timely treatment

Surgery treatment is suggested to patient with few cysts in kidneys. When the cysts are bigger than 4 cm, patients can take surgery treatment which can bring patients to healthy condition effectively. However, for kidney cysts patients with too many cysts in kidneys such as Polycystic Kidney Disease, the over and over times’ surgery can cause wound to kidney tissues. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology, has obtained good curative effects in shrinking cysts and repairing kidney function.

By promoting blood circulation, increasing the permeability of cystic walls and adjusting the inner and outer pressure of cysts, the cystic fluid will be excreted out of the body eventually. In addition, the medicine also can inactivate the lesion cells on cysts walls to inhibit the cysts fluids secretion, so the cysts growth can be controlled well. No matter how many cysts, what sizes of cysts and where cysts located, the medicine can work on them effectively.

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