Can People with Kidney Cyst Eat Shrimp

Patients with kidney cyst are usually suggested to pay enough attention to the foods they eat. Well, can they eat shrimp?

Can People with Kidney Cyst Eat ShrimpFrankly speaking, shrimps are loaded in protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, glutamic acid, omega-3 fatty acid and so on.

Due to high nutrition value, it can help protect many diseases like high blood pressure, joint inflammation, irregular heartbeat, etc. In addition, it also beneficial for the immune system.

However, experts from our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital suggest kidney cyst patients do not eat or limit the intake of shrimps, (For personal advice? Please chat with our Online Doctor directly), as too much ingestion of this food may stimulate the secretion of cystic fluid and accelerate the growth of cysts. Without effective control, the nearby nephrons will be damaged and resulting in constant decline of kidney function.

In addition to this, are there any other dietary recommendations for kidney cyst patients?

1. If there are severe swelling and high blood pressure, people should follow a low-salt diet. Meanwhile, they need to stay away from preserved meat, pickled foods, etc.

2. To lower the burden of injured kidneys, a low-protein diet is essential. At the same time, some high-quality protein foods are also needed to satisfy the needs of the body. For instance, fish, lean meat, egg white, milk and so on.

3. If the lab test show high potassium level in blood, foods that loaded in potassium should also be restricted, because this may cause irregular heartbeat or other severe condition. For example, soy foods, laminaria japonica, mushroom, black fungus and so on.

4. Besides, foods like chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tobacco products should also be limited.

If you are suffering from kidney cyst, we really hope the above contents about shrimp and other dietary recommendations can be helpful. Any follow-up questions, please leave us message to Take care!

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