Healthy Diet Plan for People with Bilateral Renal Cyst

Healthy diet is essential to human health, patients with bilateral renal cyst are no exception. If you or your beloved one are plagued by similar cases, please follow me to get a satisfactory answer.

Healthy Diet Plan for People with Bilateral Renal CystFirstly, we should figure out what is bilateral renal cyst. It refers to watery fluid pockets in both of the kidneys. In most cases, they are non-cancerous. To help people with this disorder live a healthy life, nephrologists at our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital recommend patients with the following diet plan:

• Eat some fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains But remember do no eat them casually, if the lab test show high potassium level or high phosphorus level, foods high in potassium or phosphorus should be limited. If you eager to get the food list, please consult with our live doctor immediately.

• Low-protein diet When the enlarged cysts oppress the surrounding renal tissues, kidney function will be impaired definitely. To reduce it’s burden, a low-protein diet is essential. And normally, they can ingest 0.6-0.8 g/kg protein per day. Meanwhile, to meet the needs of the body, some high-quality protein foods are also necessary. For example, lean meat, fish, egg white, milk and so on.

• Low-salt diet When cysts interfere with kidney function, symptoms like swelling and high blood pressure are more likely to appear. In this case, eat less salt is essential to help relieve these discomforts. Thereby, they should stay away from canned foods, cured meat, salted foods.

• Fluid intake If there is no obvious edema and hypertension, it is not necessary to limit the ingestion of fluid. And the consumption of water can be 2 litres per day.

Besides, they also need to keep away from coffee, caffeine-contained beverages, alcohol and tobacco products as much as possible.

If you have been diagnosed with bilateral renal cyst, we sincerely hope this article can be beneficial. For more info, you can leave us a message below.


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