Diet Management to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney Cyst

For people with Kidney Cyst, they should know that the cysts can grow continuously and cause decline of kidney function. Well, can diet management help slow down the growth of cysts?

Until now, there is no such a diet that can cure renal cyst radically. However, a well-balanced diet management can still help delay the growth of cysts to some extent.

Diet Management to Slow Down the Growth of Kidney Cyst Intake of protein foods Experts at our center indicate that patients with renal cyst can eat some high quality protein foods rather than high quantity protein foods.

As too much intake of protein can not only increase the burden of kidneys but also lead to further kidney damage. Thereby, foods like bean products should be limited or restricted. To meet the basic demands of the body, it is essential to eat some high-quality protein foods, such as, fish, egg white, lean meat, milk and so on. But remember the quantity should not be that much, for personalized advice, our free online service can be a good option for you.

Stay away from salted foods It is reported that extra intake of salt will aggravate hypertension and edema, which are common symptoms of renal cyst. So, for your own health, keep away from salted foods, processed products and so on in daily life.

Quit drinking For people with this disease, some of them may be habitual smokers. However, clinical studies show that alcohol can promote the secretion of cystic fluid, which may cause quick enlargement of cysts.

Besides, if the tests show there are increased potassium level and elevated phosphorus level, foods loaded in potassium and phosphorus should also be limited.

If you happen to be a person with kidney cyst, we sincerely hope the above contents concerning diet management can be helpful. Anything unclear, you can email to and we are glad to reply within 48 hours.


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