Simple Renal Cyst: Causes, Symptoms, Diet and Treatments

Simple Renal Cyst: Causes, Symptoms, Diet and TreatmentsA simple kidney cyst refers to round fluid-filled sac formed within the kidneys. In this article, you can find more information concerning the causes, symptoms, diet and treatments.


Actually speaking, the cause of simple kidney cyst is still unclear. But what is assuredly is the cysts are not inherited. However, it is reported that the following factors are connected with this disease. For instance, gender, age, injury, blockage, etc.

According to the statistics, it’s more common in male. Besides, nearly 50% people above 50 will be detected with at least one cyst. As for those above 70, the morbidity can reach up to 90%.


In the initial stage, the cysts are asymptomatic. When doing some physical examination, such as, B ultrasound or CT scan, kidney cyst may be founded. Normally, the cysts are harmless. As we mentioned above, with age, they will increase both in numbers and sizes, as a result, the enlarged cysts will oppress the nearby renal tissues and cause decline of kidney function. Then, some of the symptoms may appear, such as, back pain, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, blood in urine, bleeding, fever, etc.


Similar to other kinds of kidney disorder, people with a simple kidney cyst need to follow low-salt diet, high-quality protein diet, high-fiber diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat diet, balance of potassium and calcium and so on. If you have interest in this, you can click the Live Contact for personalized advices.


If the cysts are less than 3 cm, suffers need to do some regular check-ups to stay healthy. As the cysts increases and there are some obvious symptoms, a surgery can the most widely used method. Even if the therapeutic effect is obvious, there are also some adverse effects.

At our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, the combination of blood-purification technique and hot compress therapy can be good options. On the one hand, they can help shrink the cysts. On the other hand, renal function can be enhanced.

The above contents mainly focus on the causes, symptoms, diet, treatments for a simple kidney cyst, anything unclear, you can inform us by leaving a message below.


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