4 Facts about Renal Cyst

4 Facts about Renal CystRenal Cyst, also known as kidney cyst, refers to small round fluid-filled packet in the kidneys. For patients with this disorder, they usually feel sad. In this article, we are going to introduce its basic informations. Read on and you can find the answer.

1. Will renal cyst affect my daily life?

This disorder is very common among the elderly. In its early stage, there are usually no symptoms, and most of them can live a normal life. However, when the cyst is above 3 cm and left untreated, a series of symptoms will occur, such as back pain, high blood pressure, blood in urine, etc. In this condition, their daily life will be affected to a large extent.

2. What kind of exercises are suitable for me?

Generally, patients are suggested to balance work and rest. And they can take some moderate exercises, such as, walking, jogging, swimming, etc. Therefore, its progression can be delayed to some extent.

3. When to see a doctor?

After careful study, experts at our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital recommend patients see a doctor when they experience the following situations: If there are obvious symptoms, no matter big or small, they should seek for medical help immediately; If the cyst is defined as complex, to avoid serious condition from happening, patients should receive early treatment.

4. Will my cyst rupture?

Without effective control, the cysts will become bigger and bigger. In this case, traumas may lead to the rupture of cyst.

The above contents are basic information about renal cyst. For more facts about this disorder, such as, effective treatment, diagnostic methods, and so on. You can email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com or leave us message below. Best wishes!


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