Renal Cyst Basics: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Renal Cyst Basics: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis Renal Cyst, also known as kidney cyst, refers to small round fluid packet in the kidneys. Follow me and you can find its causes and diagnosis.


Honestly speaking, the exact cause of renal cyst is still unclear. According to a research, about 50% people will be detected with at least one cyst at their 50s. With the joint efforts of experts at Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, the causes can be concluded like this below:

Toxins: Toxins accumulated in the body may cause damage to the genes. Once the gene is damaged, renal cyst may occur.

Unhealthy diet: Unhealthy diet can be a risk factor of this disease. Spicy foods, pickled foods or processed foods may induce the formation and growth of Kidney cysts.

Imbalance of work and rest: This disorder may occur due to irregular life style, strenuous exercises or overwork.

Except for the above risk factors, various infections, smoking and drinking can also lead to the formation of renal cysts.


In most cases, they are benign and cause no symptoms. With age, the cysts will experience a constant growth both in numbers and sizes. Gradually, the enlarged cysts will oppress the adjacent renal tissues and structures. As a result, some symptoms will occur, such as high blood pressure, back pain, hematuria and so on.


An accurate diagnosis of renal cyst can guarantee the correct treatment to some extent. Generally, the following tests can be used:

Imaging test: B ultrasound, CT scan and MRI and so on.

In addition, kidney function test, urinalysis and intravenous pyelography may be used to diagnose kidney cyst.

The above contents are basic information about renal cyst. If you have been diagnosed with this disorder, we are always here to help. Any questions about this topic, you can email or leave us message below.

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