The Common Eight Causes of Renal Cyst

According to the related clinic researches and experiences, there are eight common causes leading to renal cyst. Here list these causes, and we hope that no matter common people or renal cyst patients both can have a good prevention according to the aspect we mentioned.

1. Maldevelopment: People who are congenital dysplasia or acquired dysplasia are easy to be attacked by many kinds of disease. But there is noting to do with genetic inheritance. People can strengthen their physiques and boost their immunity through a scientific lifestyle and proper exercises.

2. Heredity or gene mutation: most of the PKD patients is caused by the heredity, but for some reasons, the embryo suffer gene mutation, forming PKD. People should have a favorable environment in the gestation period.

3. Infections: infections can lead to the anomalous changes in the inner environment of human body, which can benefits the cyst gene and promote the cyst fluid secretion. Infections in any parts of human body can enter into kidney with the blood circulation, promoting the further growth of renal cyst. The common seen infections include upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, gastrointestinal infection, skin infection, traumatic infection and so on. All in all, no matter the bacterial infection or virus infection both can influence the renal cyst. So patients should keep a healthy lifestyle and boost their immunity to prevent the kidney damage.

4. Toxins: toxins such like pesticide on foods, some chemical agent, radioactive rays, pollution, some drugs all can cause damage to tissues and cells, so patients should pay more attention to their personal healthy.

5. Diet: diet plays an important role in controlling the change and development of renal cyst, patients must keep a healthy, reasonable and scientific diet in their daily life.

6. Balancing work and rest: long time physical work and metal work both can lead to the weakness, influencing the normal metabolism and blood circulation, this is why overwork can lead to diseases.

7. Good mood: related data show that mood plays an important role in controlling the nervous systems and endocrine disorders. The change of nervous body fluid can influence the renal cyst.

8. Gestation: gestation people are easy suffer high blood pressure which can cause damage to renal cyst, especially for PKD patients.

Knowing the eight common cause of renal cyst, people can prevent the disease effectively. And if you want to know more information about renal cyst, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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