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Renal Cyst Basics

What Tests Are Needed for Diagnosing Kidney Failure

If kidney disease patients have a lot of symptoms or discomforts, they may be suspected to develop into kidney failure. To diagnose whether they have kidney failure, some tests are needed to do. If you have a similar problem, read on to fin...Read More

Tips for Renal Cyst Patients to Prevent Kidney Stone

Renal cyst patients suffer the higher risk of being attacked by kidney stone. Kidney stone can bring more pains and even lead to hydronephrosis which can cause serious kidney damage. Then what can renal cyst patients do to prevent the forma...Read More

Can Renal Cyst Affect The Life Span of Patients

Renal cysts refers to the round fluid-filled pouches spreading in the kidneys. According to different standards, renal cysts can be divided into different types, such as simple renal cyst, complex renal cyst, multiple renal cyst, bilateral...Read More

The Common Eight Causes of Renal Cyst

According to the related clinic researches and experiences, there are eight common causes leading to renal cyst. Here list these causes, and we hope that no matter common people or renal cyst patients both can have a good prevention accordi...Read More

Is Renal Cortical Cyst Dangerous and Fatal

Renal cyst is an common kidney disease. Some renal cyst patients live the normal life like common people, while some of them must keep a strict lifestyle plan, suffer many symptoms even bear the life-threatening. Then is renal cortical cyst...Read More

How Does Complex Renal Cyst with Back Pains Happen

Complex renal cyst refers to intracystic hemorrhage,accompanied with renal cyst organization, infection or calcification. And due to the diversities of capsule contents, complex renal cyst usually is irregular in shape and difficult to diag...Read More

The Differences of Simple Renal Cyst and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Many patients are confused by the simple renal cyst and Polycystic Kidney Disease. This article will introduce you the differences between the two kinds of disease, patients need be discriminatory and take the most proper treatment for thei...Read More

Should A Person with Kidney Cysts Get A Flu Shot

Related researches show that cold is a main cause for renal cyst. Usually the disease will relapse or get serious when patients catch a cold. So preventing cold plays is very important for renal cyst patients. Then should a person with kidn...Read More

Be Sensitive to The Climatic Variation for Renal Cysts Patients

All the year round, people will experience the warm spring, torrid summer, dry autumn and cold winter. For normal people, they have different adaptive capacities to the climatic variation. But for the kidney disease patients, Polycystic Kid...Read More

Simple Renal Cyst: Causes, Symptoms, Diet and Treatments

A simple kidney cyst refers to round fluid-filled sac formed within the kidneys. In this article, you can find more information concerning it’s causes, symptoms, diet and treatments. ...Read More

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