Treatment for Joint Ache in Purpura Nephritis

Treatment for Joint Ache in Purpura NephritisMany purpura nephritis patients suffer from joint aches and want to find a treatment which can help them get rid of it. Purpura nephritis is caused by the allergic reaction leaded by bacteria, virus and parasite infections. Moreover, people who are allergic to some medicines, foods, pollen, insects bite are properly attacked by purpura nephritis. Without a timely treatment, purpura nephritis patients will step into a serious period with more and more complications and joint aches is the main symptom of the disease which should patients pay more attention to.

Joint aches mostly happen in ankle joints. The root reason of joint ache is the damaged kidney which are fail to excrete the toxins out of body. So some excessive toxins and fluid will cause retention at the joints. In addition, purpura is the symptom of bleeding, and the injured skin and mucosa will damage the muscle and joints. Because of these, purpura nephritis patients will fell joints ache obviously.

As for the treatment of joint aches in purpura nephritis, we must control the spread of purpura and repair the damaged kidney at the same time, so that we can reach the ideal effect. Usually patients will take some paregoric or drugs which can’t cure the joint aches from root and have many side effects. But now there are some new way to treat kidney disease, patients in our hospital will accept the “four+seven” treatment.

The “four” means four kinds of medicines

An oral Chinese herb medicine, a bottle of Maikang Composition, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine and a basin of foot bath medicine

The “seven” is the approaching medicine ways

Hot compress, foot bath, full medical bath, circle therapy, acupuncture, enema therapy, steaming therapy.

The medicines and therapies supplement each other, through the veins, skin, acupoint and organs, the active substances of Chinese Medicines can work on the body of patients. Without a long time treatment, the blood circulation is improved and blood stasis can be dissolved, and the toxins can be excreted out body through urine, feces, and sweat. Gradually, the ultra immune response can be blocked, and the kidney damage also can stop. And other symptom such like joint aches will disappear.

In a word, purpura patients with joint aches can take it easy for we can give you the best treatment, and if you are interested in our treatment, leave us massage or contact us online.


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