Alternative Remedy for Purpura Nephritis

Alternative Remedy for Purpura NephritisFor people with Purpura Nephritis, they will be glad when they see this article. And today, we will introduce an alternative remedy known as Immunotherapy. Read on and you can get more information.

In normal case, the immune system can protect the body from the invasion of harmful substances. For those with purpura nephritis, the immune system fail to work normally. Therefore, immune complexes(combination of antibody and antigen) will deposit in the kidneys over time. Then, inflammatory response begin to appear. Without effective control, a series of symptoms including proteinuria, hematuria, etc will occur.

When there are some symptoms, patients may be prescribed with immunosuppressive agents or hormones, which can obtain quick effects. However, they merely focus on alleviating symptoms, but do nothing to the damaged kidneys and abnormal immune system. In addition, other factors including infections, certain foods, etc may lead to the relapse of this disorder.

Due to the above reasons, experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital recommend patients with Immunotherapy. As a systematic treatment, it can not only help eliminate symptoms but also correct abnormal immune system to fight against foreigner harmful substances.

How does Immunotherapy treat purpura nephritis?

Generally speaking, it consists of six parts: accurate diagnosis, immune blocking, immune clearance, immune tolerance, immune adjustment and immune protection.

To help identify the position of immune complexes and remove them efficiently, some blood purifications techniques like dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and plasma exchange may be adopted during the whole treatment.

Then some medications, both Chinese medicine and western medicine will be adopted. In this way, the damaged cells can be repaired and the abnormal immune system will be corrected.

If you are suffering from purpura nephritis, we really hope this therapy can be helpful. For more detailed info, you can email And we are glad to help.

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