The curative treatment for purpura nephritis patients

Xiao Xiang, a 16 years old boy, who studies in a middle school of China. Recently, his legs have obvious blood point, and can not disappear in a long period. The families have no idea about these, and then they went to hospital. While the result is surprising.

After checkup, the examination showed he had purpura nephritis. At that time, the protein 2+, occult blood 3+. They treated for 10 days in local hospital, blood point disappeared, and protein and occult blood became normal. They were very happy and discharge from hospital. While, after ten days, they reexamination to hospital, this time, they are surprised. Protein 2+, occult blood 3+. The condition relapsed. Through two months of treatment and reexamination, even increased the usage of medicines, there is no obvious improvement. They were really disappointed. Luckily, a patient introduced our hospital to them. He said if they wanted to treat the illness and didn’t feel distant, they could go shijiazhuang, Heibei province. The treatment is natural and healthy. The families decided to come.

After they arranged everything, doctors asked Xiao Xiang’ condition, and looked at the report. With specific information, he gave the little patient a complete checkup, which showed protein 3+, proteinuria 2.44g.

We use our characteristic treatment—toxin-removing therapies to clean up toxins in patients blood. The aim is to absorb the biggest effects of medications. Through one month of traditional Chinese medicines treatment, Xiao Xiang’ condition is better. Reexamination shows protein +-, proteinuria 0.29g. his families are extremely excited to this result. After the doctor confirms the condition, they discharge from hospital. We sincerely wish him has a healthy body and condition never relapse, happily study with his classmates in school. Best wishes to him.

Toxin-removing therapies are our hospital’ characteristic treatment, so if you have any problem about the therapies or purpura nephritis information, please contact our online experts at any time.

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