Toxin-Removing Therapies for Purpura Nephritis Patients

Have you heard of Toxin-Removing Treatment? It is a characteristic treatment of Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. If you are looking for natural treatment to treat purpura nephritis, you can have a try.

Xiao bo is a little boy from Shandong province, in China. Last month, his mother took him to our hospital. When he came here, I though the boy was strong with beer belly.

That night, doctor Zhao and another doctor came to the ward and particularly inquired his condition.

In fact, he was diagnosed anaphylactoid purpura nephritis three months ago. After stayed 15 days in local hospital, reexamination showed protein 2+, occult blood 2+. Another 11 days later, they took some hormones medicines to home. Lasting two months, his mother said, patient’s face and stomach became more and more big. Sometimes, she wanted to stop these medicines, but worried about her son’s condition. Through long time consultation, they arrived at our hospital.

Undoubtedly, every parent loves and fears for their children health. Doctor Zhao said to Xiao bo’s mother, his condition is no problem in our hospital. It is because that his condition was found early, and the treatment and prognosis were relatively in time. As long as the usage of hormones reduced, and using our characteristic toxin-removing therapies, the protein and occult blood symptoms would be improved. The reason is once the toxins in blood are removed out, the medication effects will be full absorbed for kidneys. If kidneys can work normally, it means any disease can disappear. Of course, you must treat diseases in time.

After several days of our traditional Chinese medicines, through oral and external application, combined with detoxification therapies to clear toxins and wastes in blood, Xiao bo’s complexion rosy and the color of urine gradually deepen, having the floe objects. The little patient said he felt full of energy and good spirit. Protein is +-, occult blood is normal.

This is the brief introduction of toxin-removing therapies for purpura nephritis patients, if you want to know more, please contact us 24h to our online experts.

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