How to reduce the persistent and repeated swelling for nephritic syndrome patients?

Swelling is one of symptom of nephritic syndromes, and it means kidney disorder and may lead to cute nephritis if patients can not go to hospital in time. Our hospital has many successful cases to treat swelling which is difficult to cure and easy to repeat. So, how to reduce this condition?

Before introduce the treatment, let us look one this kind of case first.

This little boy, Lele is eight years old, who is going to school. While due to his severe swelling symptom, he can not to study. Before he arrived at our hospital, his parents already have sought many hospitals, but all did not have significant effects. That is because other hospitals only treat the swelling symptom, but they did not treat the disease from the root. The toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells are the root of the problem. Through friend’s recommendation, they came to our hospital. After one month of treatment, little Lele’s swelling condition disappear, and in hospital for observation for a week, the swelling has no repeated sign. Lele finally discharge from hospital and healthily to school.

In the process of treatment, we used the characteristic therapies—toxins-removing therapies of our hospital, which have 30 years of clinical experience. The therapies contain traditional Chinese medicines, including medicated bath, foot bath, Maikang mixture, moxibustion, etc. We adhere to the idea of clean up toxins in blood first and next treat kidneys. If the toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells are removed, the medication effects will be fully absorbed. Thus achieving the functions of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, eliminating immune complexes and blood stasis to gradually repair kidney inherent cells and recover kidney functions. So swelling will be naturally reduced and finally disappear.

Through the introduction of the above, I believe you have a relative understanding for the treatment. If you have any problem to the repeated swelling, you can communicate with our online expert.

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