The characteristic treatment for patients with purpura nephritis

Purpura nephritis bothers many patients, especially young patients. If it can not be treated in time, it will cause disease serious. Purpura nephritis means that kidneys have been damaged so that kidneys can not work normally. Therefore, how to treat the disease for patients with purpura nephritis?

The following is about a young purpura nephritis patient and his treatment.

Anwan comes from Egypt, 27 years old. He was very anxiety because he was so young; he didn’t want to have this disease all the time. So he treated at many hospitals but have no effect. Fortunately, he through website found our hospital, and consulted our online expert to know some information. Before treatment, our doctors gave him a complete checkup and then made treatment plan. The examination showed serum creatinine 578umol/L, urea nitrogen 46.7mmol/L, uric acid 620umol/L, hemoglobin 84g/L. Before he came to our hospital, he ever received regular dialysis.

Through two month using our characteristic treatment, Anwan’s condition has reversed, which serum creatinine 160umol/L, urea nitrogen 30.8umol/L, uric acid 461umol/L, hemoglobin 112g/L. He now completely stops dialysis. The obvious effects of his disease made him excited and happy. He said he had hope and courage for pursuit colorful life. I believe you must want to know what therapies our hospital taking to treat for the patient.

Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital has about thirty years clinical experience, which has a systematic treatments, including foot bath, medicated bath, acupuncture, moxibustion, Maikang mixture and so on. The characteristic of our hospital’ therapies is removing toxins first and then treating kidneys. That is because if there are many toxins in kidneys, they will offset the effects of medications for kidneys. After eliminating toxins, using these Chinese medicines to gradually repair kidney and recover kidney function. Only if kidney works again, it means patients’ various indexes can become normal.

Purpura nephritis is one of kidney diseases, if you have any problem about it or other kidney diseases, please contact our 24h experts online.

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