How Can Immunotherapy Treat Proteinuria With Purpura Nephritis

How Can Immunotherapy Treat Proteinuria With Purpura NephritisProteinuria is a common symptom of purpura nephritis, it means the decline of renal function. In this article, we will analyze the cause and introduce how can Immunotherapy treat the sign?

Purpura nephritis is not a easy kidney disorder to treat, it is a secondary disease caused by Henoch-Schonlein Purpura(HSP). In HSP, the immune system can target any organs of our body, such as, joint, nerve and kidney. When immune system begins to attack kidneys, purpura nephritis occurs. So, how does protein in urine occurs?

When kidney is damaged, GFR(glomeruli filtrate rate) will decline, as a result, massive protein will leak into urine, thereby, patients experience proteinuria.

Well, how can Immunotherapy treat proteinuria with purpura nephritis?

There are six steps of the therapy:

Immune diagnosis: it can help us to find the exact location of immune complexes and have a thorough knowledge of exact type of immune complexes.

Immune blocking: Since immune complexes deposit in kidney, in this case, inflammatory response occurs, thereby, we need to block immoderate immune complexes with medicine.

Immunotherapy clearance: it can clear immune complexes in the blood, if too much immune complexes deposit in kidneys, more and more renal damage will be caused.

Immune tolerance: because immune complex can not be cleared over night, so, kidneys and immune complex co-exist needs some time before they are removed. Thereby, in the short period, immunosuppressive medicine is needed.

Immune adjustment: this step is aimed at returning abnormal immune system so as to increasing immunity.

Immune protection: the core purpose of the method is to protect immune system in order to protect patients from being affected by purpura nephritis.

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