Why Purpura Nephritis Patients Experience Blood in Urine

Why Purpura Nephritis Patients Experience Blood in UrinePurpura Nephritis is an autoimmune disorder, which occurs when Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP) causes kidney damage. And blood in urine can be a common sign in those sufferers. Well, how does blood in urine occur?

How does purpura nephritis cause blood in urine?

In normal condition, the immune system can release some antibodies to fight against bacteria or viruses. However, in purpura nephritis, the abnormal immune system will fail to fight against these foreign substances. As a result, immune complexes occurs. Accompanied with blood flow, when these immune complexes deposit in the kidneys, inflammations will occur. Over time, the filters named glomeruli will be impaired, and blood will leak into urine, resulting blood in urine.

In addition, other factors can also lead to hematuria. Such as, strenuous exercises, certain drugs, urinary tract infections and so on.

How to treat blood in urine effectively?

As mentioned above, several factors can trigger hematuria. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the exact cause. Here, we provide patients with both conventional tests and individualized tests. If you are interested in this, consult with our professional online doctor can be a good choice.

If this symptom is caused by the underlying cause-impaired glomeruli and abnormal immune system, a therapy known as Immunotherapy should be adopted. It can not only restore kidney function but also regulate abnormal immune system. After a period of treatment, symptoms including blood in urine will disappear. For more detailed information, you can email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com and we will reply you within 48 hours.

Besides, patients should avoid taking strenuous exercises, stimulating foods, quit smoking and drinking, etc.

The above contents are mainly on blood in urine and purpura nephritis. Any follow-up questions about this article, you are welcomed to leave us message below and we are glad to help.

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