Foamy Urine in People with Purpura Nephritis

Foamy Urine in People with Purpura NephritisFor people with purpura nephritis, they may claim that have foamy urine. Well then, how does it occur and what treatments should patients take? Follow me and you will find a satisfied answer.

How does foamy urine occur?

Purpura Nephritis refers to a kind of autoimmune disorder caused by HSP. For people with this disorder, the impaired glomerular will fail to filter protein and other harmful substances properly. Therefore, the extra protein will leak into urine and resulting foamy urine.

In addition, the occurrence of foamy urine is also related to urinary tract infection. And it will appear when microorganisms attacks the urinary tract.

To find out the exact cause, a number of tests should be adopted. If you are bothered by this problem, please email to get an individualized test.

How to treat foamy urine in people with purpura nephritis?

Without effective control, foamy urine will aggravate patients’ illness condition and cause further damage to kidneys. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it effectively.

From the above, we can come to such a conclusion: the treatment goal should be aimed at repairing kidney function. Therefore, experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital recommend patients with Immunotherapy. It can refresh your immune system to fight against immune system-related disorders. And it consists of six parts: an accurate diagnosis, immune clearance, immune tolerance, immune blocking, immune adjustment and immune protection. After a period of treatment, this symptom can be relieve to a large extent. For more information, feel free to consult with our online doctor.

If you happen to be a person with purpura nephritis and presenting foamy urine, we hope you can benefit a lot. Any questions about this article, yo can leave us message below.

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