The Symptoms and Prevention for Children with Purpura Nephritis

The Symptoms and Prevention for Children with Purpura NephritisPurpura nephritis is a kind of kidney disease caused by allergies, such as bacteria, virus, drugs, foods, pollen, cold stimulate and so on. Among the purpura nephritis patients, around 1/3 of patients will suffer kidney damage, and among the kidney damage patients, children is the majority. This article will list some symptoms for the prevention of further kidney damage.

when the children suffer poor immunity, the factors such as bacteria, virus, drugs and so on can lead to anaphylaxis and immune system disease. These factors can produce combine of antigen and antibody, leading to the deposition of immune complexes on glomerulus, so kidney damage occur. Parents need may more attention to their children’s change and do the good prevention job. And parents can so something from these as follows:

1. Rubbing eyes, nose-picking, rhinorrhea, sneeze frequently all the symptoms of allergies, and sneeze is the most obvious one.

2. Children who often suffer from eczema or itchy bumps on body.

3. Children who are full of energy when they are playing but don’t want to walk and easy experience hard to breath.

4. Hidrosis, hyperactivity, easy to be scared and got cold.

5. Children whose skin always are inching, dry, desquamative, stabbing and so on.

6. Children with black eyes and red eyebrows when they cry.

7. After running, laugh or eating foods such as seafood, chicken, children will cough.

Once children suffer one of what we mentioned, parents need pay more attention to their children and had better to see a doctors. And there are some tips for children patients in daily life.

1. Reasonable diet: diet therapy plays an important role in controlling the disease. Patients should take foods which are rich in nutrition and easy to be digested, eating more fruits and vegetables and taking less seafood, stimulated foods and so on.

2. Patients in acute phase should stay in bed often and at the steady period, proper activities are good for patients to boost the immunity.

All in all, children with these symptoms need the attention of parents. A timely prevention is better than the late treatment. And if you want to know more information about purpura nephritis or ask for treatment, contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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