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Purpura Nephritis Symptoms

What Are the Early Symptoms of Purpura Nephritis

Infections or improper diet intake can lead to the capillary allergy disease which show as purpura on the skin and mucosa. When the glomerular capillary is damaged, we call it as purpura nephritis. All in all, the lesion part may include ki...Read More

Symptoms of Purpura Nephritis

In general, Purpura Nephritis usually have an abnormal immune system which can bring patients a lot of problem, in addition, with the kidney damage and kidney function decline, patients would suffer more complications and symptoms which inv...Read More

The Symptoms and Prevention for Children with Purpura Nephritis

Purpura nephritis is a kind of kidney disease caused by allergies, such as bacteria, virus, drugs, foods, pollen, cold stimulate and so on. Among the purpura nephritis patients, around 1/3 of patients will suffer kidney damage, and among th...Read More

How Can Immunotherapy Treat Proteinuria With Purpura Nephritis

Proteinuria is a common symptom of purpura nephritis, it means the decline of renal function. In this article, we will analyze the cause and introduce how can Immunotherapy treat the sign? Purpura nephritis is not a easy kidney disorder to...Read More

Causes and Treatments for Swelling in Purpura Nephritis

For people with Purpura Nephritis, swelling may occur around the faces, eyelids, ankles, limbs and so on. Well, what are the causes? and how to treat it effectively?...Read More

Why Purpura Nephritis Patients Experience Blood in Urine

For people with Purpura Nephritis, some of them may be troubled by blood in urine. Well, how does it occur? And what measures can they take? ...Read More

Foamy Urine in People with Purpura Nephritis

For people with purpura nephritis, they may claim that have foamy urine. Well then, how does it occur and what treatments should patients take? Follow me and you will find a satisfied answer. ...Read More

What are the Symptoms of Purpura Nephritis

As a systemic vasculitic disorder, Purpura Nephritis patients will experience a series of symptoms. And this article is mainly on this issue. ...Read More

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