How to Improve the Prognosis of Purpura Nephritis Effectively

How to Improve the Prognosis of Purpura Nephritis EffectivelyIn most cases, purpura may arouse kidney disease within one month, which is called purpura nephritis. In this article, we will talk about how to improve the prognosis of purpura nephritis?

If you are diagnosed with purpura nephritis, it is necessary to control the illness condition, without effective prevention and treatments, it can develop into renal failure. Well, how to improve the diagnosis of purpura nephritis?

Avoid infections

It is reported, more than one third purpura nephritis is caused by the infection of upper respiratory tract. In addition, the other common infections including, cold, skin infection, urinary tract infection and so on. Thereby, patients should pay attention to these infections to avoid renal damage.

Get rid of nephrotoxic drugs

Some drugs including antibiotic, sulfanilamide, etc can also cause purpura nephritis. So, patients should consult with the doctors before taking these drugs, it is useful to prevent purpura nephritis and further renal damage.

Early control of related complications

Patients should avoid the complications of purpura nephritis, such as nephrotic syndrome, if controlled not well, which can lead to renal failure. Once they are diagnosed with renal failure, patients are at a higher risk of death. Thereby, early control and treatment of the complication is necessary.

Keep a proper diet

Patients should get rid of coffee, chocolate, spicy, cold foods so as to lower the stimulation to failed kidneys. Besides, they should also keep a diet of low-protein, low-salt. Some high-quality protein is crucial, for example, milk, egg white, lean meat and so on.

A good lifestyle

Purpura nephritis patients should avoid stay up and strenuous exercises. They should also quit smoking and drinking.

Other risk factors like, plant pollen, vaccine inoculation, feather, paint may also cause purpura nephritis.

After the above suggestions, we do believe these methods can help you to improve the prognosis of purpura nephritis. If you have anything unclear, send an email to or you can also leave a message below.


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