How to Improve the Prognosis of Purpura Nephritis

As a complication of Henoch-Schönlein Purpura, Purpura Nephritis is usually characterized by proteinuria or hematuria. Then how to improve its prognosis? Now, let us have a look at this.
 How to Improve the Prognosis of Purpura Nephritis

Effective control of symptoms

For those with purpura nephritis, they may experience hypertension and protein in urine, etc. In this condition, medications like ACEI or ARBs can help control high blood pressure effectively. In addition, immunosuppressive agents or hormone can be adopted to treat proteinuria.

Pay attention to diet

Sufferers are suggested to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, because they are usually abundant in vitamins. Besides, they should avoid eating stimulating foods, such as fish, crab, pepper, etc, because they often have gastrointestinal problems. For more detailed information on diet, you can send us your medical and we will send you an individualized diet plan in time.

Healthy living habits

To have a better prognosis, they should also have good rest, take moderate exercises and kick bad habits, such as smoking and drinking, etc.

Effective treatments

At our Kidney Disease Hospital, experts recommend patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy. And both of them can help degrade immune complexes in the kidneys. Any interests about the treatments, please consult with our professional online doctor directly.

Keep a positive attitude

Patients should realize that a positive attitude is helpful during the whole treatment. And they should have confidence in overcoming this disorder.

Prevent cold or infections

In daily life, patients should avoid cold or infections. As the relapse of this disorder will aggravate the illness condition and lead to a poor prognosis.

If you or your beloved one have been diagnosed with purpura nephritis, we are always here to help. Anything unclear, you are welcomed to leave us message below.


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