How to Restore Kidney Function with Purpura Nephritis

How to Restore Kidney Function with Purpura NephritisFor people diagnosed with Purpura Nephritis, they are usually told with a loss of kidney function. During the course, a series of symptoms will appear and patients’ life quality will be affected to a large degree. Then, what should they do to restore kidney function?

Firstly, we should form a basic understanding about this disease. Purpura nephritis refers to a kind of autoimmune disease. And the distinctive features are the deposition of immune complexes including IgA, C3, etc in the mesangial area of the kidneys. To remove these immune complexes, inflammatory response will occur. Ultimately, the inflammation will cause damage to the glomeruli, resulting this disorder.

How to restore kidney function with purpura nephritis?

1. Management of the root cause

After the above analysis, we have realized the underlying cause of this disorder. Thereby, Immunotherapy is suggested. As a combination of blood-purification technique, western medicine and Chinese medicine, it can help correct the abnormal immune system effectively. Generally, it consists of six steps, and each step have its own advantages. For detailed information, feel free to consult with our online doctor directly.

2. Well control of the possible symptoms

As the disease progresses, some symptoms will come into being. Such as, swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, etc. It is known that these symptoms can trouble sufferers a lot, so, early and effective control are of great importance. In this way, can further deterioration of kidney function will be avoided.

3. Dietary changes

Purpura nephritis patients should not eat randomly, because some foods may cause damage to the kidneys. In general, the dietary principle can be low-salt diet, moderate high-quality protein diet, high-fiber, balance of potassium and phosphorus and so on. However, the dietary principle should be in accordance with the illness condition, you can email to get a personalized diet.

If you are suffering loss of kidney function with purpura nephritis, we really hope the above contents can be helpful. Anything unclear about this, you can inform us by leaving us a message below!


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