Natural Treatment for Backache in PKD

PKD patients often suffer from backache which is usually caused by the enlarged renal cysts that give force to the kidney. So patients who want to get rid of backache must treat renal cysts at first. Pain killer only can rescue patients momently. PKD patients in our hospital will accept our natural treatment: “four+seven” treatment which can shrink the renal cysts effectively.

Four kinds of medicines in treating kidney disease

A bottle of Chinese patent medicine: maikang composition is the necessary medicine for the all treatment progress and it can clean the stasis toxins effectively.

A dose of oral Chinese herbs medicine: the feature of this medicine is different from person to person, different from disease to disease and different from time to time. Our doctor will adjust the pharmacy immediately according to the specific physical condition. And it can clean the stasis toxins, stagnant toxins and turbid toxins at the same time.

A dose of external application with Chinese medicine: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the the function of prompting the blood circulation to dissolve the blood stasis. And it can work on kidney directly.

A basin of foot bath medicine: before get into bed, patients will have a foot bath with our Chinese Medicine which can promote blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis through the foot that are related with whole body.

Seven kinds of therapy approaching medicine to patients

Steaming therapy: it can expend the microcirculation of skin, improving the blood circulation. At the same time, the active substances of Chinese medicine can be absorbed into body, cleaning the toxins in blood.

Medical bath therapy: with the diffusing medicine in the hot water, patients can excrete the toxins in internal organs through the sweat and urine.

Chinese circle medicine: it can draw out the toxins in body effectively.

Acupuncture therapy: after introducing the medicine into acupuncture, the therapy can improve the blood condition.

Hot compress: it means the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Foot bath: it has been mentioned above.

Clyster with Chinese medicine: leading the medicine having function of excretion into intestinal tract, excreting the toxins.

The “four+seven” treatment is effective and natural, it can shrink the renal cysts and decrease the complications of PKD disease including the backache. If you are interested in our therapy and medicine, you can contact out online doctors and send email to


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