Shrink Cysts in PKD With the Help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

PKD belongs to heredity kidney disease and most of the patients have the disease accompany as they were born. For PKD patients, what troubles them a lot may be the cysts in kidneys. It seems that there are no effective treatment in shrinking these cysts all over the world. But today I will introduce you an amazing treatment named Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy which showed good effects in treating cysts in PKD.

First, we should know the harms of these cysts.

With the increase of ages, cysts will become bigger and bigger. These cysts will press other organs of our body, cause a series of complications. Moreover, enlarged cysts makes the cell membrane thinner and thinner thus leading to rupture of cysts. Once the cysts get rupture, infection is not far. It is very dangerous for PKD patients if they get infected. Because it will cause a serious of symptoms and complications for example proteinuria, blood urine, itching skin, digestive system and breath system disorders and so on.

In western countries, the commom treatments aimed at PKD may be dialysis and surgery that shrink these cysts. There is no doubt dialysis and surgery can alleviate these symptoms in some extent, but not from the root. One must do dialysis all the time if he or she want to shrink cysts. The most important is dialysis and surgery can do nothing for the damaged kidneys.

To reverse this problem, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is a development of traditional Chinese medicine but used external. The smashed Chinese medicine can work more effective and almost has no side effects accompany. Two bags full of Chinese medicine will be put under the lower back of the patients. Then with the help of osmosis device and ShenShu acupoint, effective material can reach the damaged kidney directly playing a role of repair kidney damages and improve kidney functions. Only by recover kidney functions can we shrink cysts more thoroughly.

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