How to Decrease High Creatinine in Polycystic Kidney Disease

How to Decrease High Creatinine in Polycystic Kidney DiseaseWhen your creatinine is above 1.2mg/dl, it means your renal function isn’t normal, this is called high creatinine. Patients with polycystic kidney disease often have high creatinine. They suffer much discomfort and want to know how to treat it effectively. Let’s find the answer now.

In polycystic kidney disease, there are many cysts on the kidneys. The cysts can grow gradually and damage renal function and constructions. Glomerulus can’t filter creatinine so the blood creatinine is higher than normal.


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy permeates grinded Chinese medicine into patient’s kidney through certain osmosis device. Traditional Chinese medicine can enlarge renal vessels thus provide oxygen to kidney. In addition, by decreasing the secretion of cystic fluid, restraining the prolification of inner cells, providing essential nutrients for kidney tissues and cells, cysts can be shrink from the root. As long as cysts can be shrink, kidney function can restore, in this case, high creatinine level can be decreased gradually.

What’s more, Chinese medicine can repair the injured tissues, so damaged glomerulus will be repaired to filter more creatinine out.

This therapy can also increase the immunity of our body by repairing injured issues of kidney. As immunity goes up, whole body will be strong as well as kidney. Therefore kidney can filter bad things out including creatinine.

Expect for, patients can limit the intake of salt, protein and fat so as to decrease the burden of failed kidneys. Some foods that are rich in phosphorus and potassium are also needed to be paid more attention to.

High creatinine can be alleviated by active treatments in polycystic kidney disease. If you are experiencing high creatinine in polycystic kidney disease, you are welcome to ask us. You can leave a message below or send us e-mail,


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