Why Can Polycystic Kidney Lead to Kidney Failure

Why Can Polycystic Kidney Lead to Kidney FailureMany people ask that can polycystic kidney lead to kidney failure? They are worried about their healthy conditions. We can tell you the answer is yes. Why can polycystic kidney lead to kidney failure? Is there any way to prevent it?

We all know that polycystic kidney is an inherited disease showing at several cysts on the kidney of different sizes. They can make kidney swell and damage the normal function of it. There are many complicated symptoms of polycystic kidney such as backache, abdominal mass, blood urine and high blood pressure, cyst infection, vomit, etc. Finally these symptoms can cause severe damage to kidney in turn. Renal issues are badly injured, kidney loses most of its function, then kidney failure comes.

Doe this mean that kidney failure can’t be prevented from polycystic kidney? No. If you are diagnosed of polycystic kidney, you should be aware of the following points. You can avoid kidney failure then.

1.Take treatment as early as possible.

As polycystic kidney is genetic, it is necessary to do general survey and regular follow-up visit on family having history of polycystic kidney. The aim is to discover polycystic kidney at an early stage. Early scientific therapy can reduce cysts and even make them disappear.

2.Avoid and treat complications.

High blood pressure, infection in urinary tract, blood urine, etc. These complications need to be controlled effectively as they can induce further damage to renal issues and aggravate kidney failure.

3.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has great effect on treating polycystic kidney. By permeating traditional Chinese medicine into kidney, it is easy to enlarge vessels and resist inflammation so as to accelerate blood circulation and improve the the whole environment for damaged issues to repair. The function of kidney tubules will improve and they can reabsorb cyst fluid to avoid its swelling. Chinese medicine can also remove stasis and clear away heat and toxic materials from kidney. So cyst fluid will flow out and then cyst reduces. Polycystic kidney will be released.

If you are suffering from polycystic kidney, you can send us your condition by e-mail. kidneyfight@hotmail.comYou can also consult our doctors online. We are here to help you sincerely.


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