Can I Get The Immunotherapy for My PKD

Can I Get The Immunotherapy for My PKDVisitor: Can I get the Immunotherapy for my PKD, I have large cysts in both kidneys up to 10 cm. It may be the simple kidney cysts not the PCKD genetic type. As I am not a carrier of that gene but not sure. I have high blood pressure and flank pain.

Doctor: Glad to help. Generally speaking, the polycystic kidney disease (PKD) means there are countless small and big cysts in kidneys. And our Immunotherapy can help you improve immunity and prevent cold or infection successfully. Also, our other treatments can take effect on reducing your renal cyst naturally and effectively. Your age, please?

Visitor: 41 and I went to local urologist and wanted to get them drained but they won’t do it so far.

Doctor: Except for hypertension and pain, do you have other discomforts? Like swelling, protein in urine, hematuria, etc?

Visitor: Nope. High blood pressure getting worse some decreased kidney function, but growing cysts. They want to wait and when my kidney functions fail go to dialysis then a transplant, that’s what they sell.

Doctor: I see, please do not worry. Our treatments can help you, including not only Immunotherapy, but also other measures such as Steaming Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and other Chinese medicine remedies. Besides, all the treatments must be adopted according to your own illness conditions. Would you send your test reports to me?

Visitor: Where would I have to go and at what cost?

Doctor: We are in China. If you are interested in our treatments, please come to try. As for the completely cost, it depends on your illness conditions. After analyzed your illness conditions, I will give you the probable price as well as the diets plan, and treatment suggestions.

Visitor: OK. Thanks for any messages you will give me.


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