Can PKD Patients with Kidney Stone Eat Eggs

It is known that kidney stone is one of common complications of PKD. Therefore, healthy and proper diet is helpful for PKD patients with kidney stone. Eggs are very popular in daily life because it is rich in high quality protein. But, can PKD patients with kidney stone eat eggs? In the following we will give you introduce about the answer.

First, we should know what cause kidney stone. As a matter of fact, kidney stone is small stones formed in kidneys, which mainly caused by several kinds of stone, such as uric acid stone, calcium oxalate calculus, etc. Of course, calcium oxalate calculus is the common reason of kidney stone. When calcium and oxalic acid meet together, they will cause kidney stone. So it is important for patients pay attention in their daily life, including diet and daily habits. Welcome to contact online doctor for free and fast information.

Can PKD patients with kidney stone eat eggs on earth?

As we all know, egg contains rich protein which provide the necessary nutrition for patients. However, it also contains calcium. If patients with PKD eat too many eggs, they will increase the risk of kidney stone development. So, as for patients with PKD, they would better avoid taking eggs. The best choice is to take some other foods contain high quality protein, such as nuts and beans.

Moreover, PKD patients with kidney stone also adhere to other diet principles to prevent the development of kidney stone or decrease kidney stone in daily life.

Patients need drink too much water to let you excrete urine; eat much more vegetables and fruits which is helpful for patients to produce urine.

Patients should avoid these foods which contain oxalic acid; limit the intake of animal protein and the dairy products intake.

The last but not least, PKD patients with kidney stone need avoid drinking alcohol.

All in all, you not only need pay attention to the condition of PKD, but also treat or observe kidney stone. It is because kidney stone will bring back pain or inflammation and kidney damage to you. Therefore, effective and timely treatment for kidney stone is very important in case of relapse or aggravation.

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