Toxin-Removing Therapies Cut the Family’s Nightmare for PKD Patient

Uncle Fan is a patient with PKD, whose older brother and mother were died because of PKD. And he also gets the disease. While after our hospital’s characteristic detoxification therapies, he feels his body is extremely well.

He went to many hospitals for treatment, but always has no improvement and effects. The families are worried about him. Happily, his daughter watched the introduction of our hospital. They were going to shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital with the attitude of have a try.

The biggest characteristic therapy in our hospital is first removing toxins and wastes in kidneys and blood. And then treat kidneys inherent cells. Another feature is precise diagnosis. If we have no idea to the disease, we will not treat and provide medicines. You need to know that if the toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells can not be cleaned out kidneys, the effects of medications would not play the biggest role, even be counteracted by toxins.

When uncle fan arrived at our hospital, the doctor gave him a complete checkup. Through test, we found his two kidneys were obvious enlargement. Right kidney was about 261*136*105 mm, the biggest cyst in right kidney was 75*57 mm. While, left was 264*154*116 mm, the biggest cyst in left was 91*66 mm.

According to his condition, director Yang invited several experts who treat PKD to make a unique treatment plan. It main uses toxin-removing therapies, which contain traditional Chinese medicines. After a period of treatment, patient’s condition had obvious improvement. His blood pressure gradually stable, and hands and feet become warm, stomach reduced 1.5 cm. the biggest cyst in right kidney was 74*56 mm, and left biggest cyst was 90*63 mm.

From doubtful attitude to fully affirm about our treatment therapies, the patient said, since came here, he felt his body was very, very good. All in all, we are glad for him.

This is the case of toxin-removing therapies for PKD patient, if you are PKD patient, and want to know our treatments, feel free to contact us.

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