The treatment to avoid dialysis for Egyptian patient with PKD

Dialysis is the common treatment for kidney failure. But it is painful and many patients want to quit it. So, there is any alternative to dialysis? Here I will introduce an Egyptian patient’ treatment which using another method to treat his disease to avoid dialysis.

The patient’s name is Hassan, aged 49. He is a polycystic kidney disease patient, whose family has history of polycystic kidney. Because his father died of the disease, and his three brothers and one sister all have been dialysis, he is afraid of dialysis which he thinks it is going to death. But many countries even his own country have no other treatment for this disease except dialysis or kidney transplant. Fortunately, his son watched our hospital in website, and learned the treatment concept and therapies of our hospital, which is called toxin-removing therapies. They remove the toxins in kidneys first.

Before Hassan came to our hospital, his creatinine had reached 829umol/L, electrolyte disorder was serious, the biggest cyst on left kidney was 44*45mm, on the right was 42*41mm, and two legs had moderate swelling. When he reached our hospital, he was disappointed and very weak. Our attending doctor invited experts to make a systematic checkup immediately. And then, we made a unique treatment plan for him. To satisfy patient’s hope, we will do our utmost. Our hospital’s characteristic treatments are Chinese therapies, which are foot bath, medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicine, etc. These medicines have functions of removing kidneys’ toxic substances, expanding blood vessels, speeding up circulation and repairing kidney damage and at last recovering kidney functions.

After five days’ treatment, doctors gave the patient a reexamination. The result was surprising. Creatinine reduced from 829umol/L to 687umol/L, meanwhile, electrolyte was improved. This further confirms his determination to treat in our hospital. Eventually patient had a smile in his face. A month later, the patient’s creatinine level has been falling. Before Hassan left hospital, the creatinine level declined to 560umol/L and his swelling symptom disappeared. The biggest cyst on the right was 38*34mm, the left was 36*34mm. Creatinine level reduced means that toxins in kidneys were gradually removed and damaged kidney had been recovered. So kidney can normally work. It means that Hassan avoid dialysis, even kidney transplant.

The patient said Chinese medicines really could treat kidney disease and he was grateful to us for helping him to avoid dialysis. So, if you also want to avoid dialysis, we are glad to help you.

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