Treatment for Kidney Cysts and High Blood Pressure in PKD

PKD belongs to genetic disease, and it is characterized by numerous cysts growing on kidneys. Also, high blood pressure can be one common complication of PKD. Here we will talk about how Chinese herbal medicines help deal with cysts for PKD patients.

It is not TCM is better than western medicine. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Western medicine can lower the blood pressure very fast, but it is not stable. Chinese medicine is slow in lowering the blood pressure, but it is more stable, because it can increase the elasticity of the blood vessels. The western medicine can remove the big cyst in a surgery. It is quick and effective. But it will also cause some damage to the around kidney tissues, and can only treat one cyst at one time. However, Chinese medicine can act on all the cysts at the same time with the functions of increasing permeability of cyst wall, decreasing lining cell’s ability of producing cyst fluid, changing inner and outer pressure difference of cyst wall, while the disadvantage is that the process is slow. The cysts will shrink, but not in an hour.

What is more, Chinese herbal medicines can also help PKD patients repair kidney damage and recover renal function with the functions of extending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, removing blood stasis out of body, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, offering kidneys nutrients and promoting DNA replication of damaged kidney inherent cells. So, PKD can be effectively prevented developing kidney failure requiring dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future.

If you are seeking for natural and efficient PKD treatment to shrink cysts and avoid kidney dialysis, we are glad to help. You can leave us a message below or email to if having any questions.


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