How to Lower Creatinine 3.6 in Polycystic Kidney Disease

When the creatinine is higher than normal, it usually means that your kidney are damaged. Creatinine just is a representative of metabolism wastes which are supposed be excreted out of body by the kidney. These wastes can stimulate a series of responses, forming toxins which can cause damage to other tissues. For Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, if they suffer creatinine 3.6, there is a great possibility to lower the high creatinine through improving the kidney function.

The cause of high creatinine in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of genetic disease, with the growth of cysts, the normal kidney tissues will be taken. There are not enough blood flowing into kidney, so the kidney fail to filter the toxins in blood out of body. And the kidney can not get enough nutrition from blood, so kidney functions will decline. This is why Polycystic Kidney Disease patients suffer from high creatinine, and for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, the key to improve kidney function is shirking the cysts.

The treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease with creatinine 3.6

Polycystic Kidney Disease refers to that there are many fluid-filled round pockets spreading on both side of the kidney. Traditional treatment, surgery, only can be recommended when the cysts are bigger than 3-4 cm and spread on the surface part of the kidney. But without inhibiting the cysts fluid secretion, the small cysts will get big and patients have to accept surgery again, which can cause wound on body and easy lead to infection. Polycystic Kidney Disease patients are looking for a natural way which can shrink cysts without side effect.

Micro-Chinese Medicine is the special treatment in our hospital, and it is Chinese herbs-majored. The active substances in herbs can promote the blood circulation on cysts walls, so that the permeability of cysts walls will increased and cysts fluids can flow back into blood, getting the purpose of shrinking cysts. In addition, the active substances also can clean the lesion cells on cysts walls, inhibiting the secretion of cysts fluids and reaching the purpose of controlling the cysts growth.

All in all, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is more natural and thorough than surgery. It can shrunk the cyst no matter where it is and no matter what size it is. With the kidney function increased, the creatinine 3.6 in Polycystic Kidney Disease can be lowered and other symptoms also can be remitted. If you are interested in our therapy, contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you sooner.


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