Swelling in PKD: Causes and Treatments

Swelling in PKD: Causes and TreatmentsSwelling can be a common symptom in people with kidney disease and polycystic kidney disease patients are no exception. Today, we are here to introduce the causes and treatments.

Generally speaking, edema may occur around the eyelids, faces, hands or ankles. In certain case, it will spread to other organs, such as, lung, brain, which may threaten patients life.

Causes of swelling in PKD

1. Water-sodium retention In right case, excess fluid and salt can be removed out of the blood by health kidneys. However, in this hereditary disorder, the injured kidneys will fail to work normally. Due to this, these substances will accumulate in the body, resulting in edema.

2. Loss of protein in urine Due to the enlarged cysts, filtering units named glomeruli can be damaged easily. Once it occurs, useful substances like proteins will leak into urine. In this condition, the plasma colloid osmotic pressure will be reduced, and large amounts of water can permeate into interstitial space, causing edema.

In addition, factors like high blood pressure, side effects of certain drugs, etc can also lead to this phenomenon.

How to alleviate swelling in polycystic kidney disease?

Low-salt diet and low-protein diet To relieve this symptom in diet, patients should limit the intake of salt and protein correspondingly. For personal advice, your are suggested to click the Live Contact on the upper-right corner immediately.

Usage of diuresis In most cases, diuretics can be used to increase the urine output and excrete the wastes, even if the effect is obvious, drugs alone can not treat this symptom radically.

Hot compress therapy Honestly speaking, this newly created treatment can help shrink the enlarged cysts and promote kidney function. By achieving the above-mentioned treatment goals, this discomfort can be eliminated from the underlying cause. If you are interested in this, please send email to: kidneyfight@hotmail.com immediately.

Besides, if necessary, suffers should also drink less water.

The above contents are mainly on swelling in PKD, anything unclear, please leave us a message below.


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