Why People with PKD Have Headache

People with PKD do suffer from a range of symptoms including headache. As it will affect patients’ daily life largely, it essential to figure out the possible causes.

Luckily, nephrologists from Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital have concluded the following conditions:

Why People with PKD Have Headache Cerebral aneurysm Aneurysm rupture is a devastating complication of PKD. And the risk of presenting aneurysm rupture will increase with constant enlargement of cysts. Due to this, an individual may experience a sudden and extremely severe headache, double vision, loss of consciousness and so on.

Hypertension In PKD, due to decline of kidney function, high blood pressure is more likely to appear. If not controlled well, patients may experience headache, dizziness, etc. And the pain can be persistent or intermittent.

Anemia In this hereditary disease, due to kidney damage, the production of red blood cells will be decreased. Then, renal anemia will appear. And this is another reason why they suffer from headache or dizziness.

Besides, since PKD is a genetic disorder and there is no cure for it, sufferers are more likely to present negative emotions.

Before seeking for effective treatments, it is necessary to find the root cause firstly. Any questions? our free online service will be here to help.

To alleviate this symptom, experts in this field recommend patients with acupuncture and hot compress therapy.

Acupuncture It can stimulate our body to produce a hormone named endorphins to relieve the painful feeling. What’ more, it will not cause any side effects.

Hot compress therapy It is a form of TCM and can help refrain the secretion of cystic fluid radically. More importantly, it can help restore kidney function. In this way, symptoms like headache will be alleviated.

If you happen to be a person with PKD and headache, do not forget that we are always here to help. More information, please leave us message to:kidneyfight@hotmail.com. Good luck!

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