Can Apricot Be The Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet

Can Apricot Be The Polycystic Kidney Disease DietApricot can be used in many ways and has high economic value. The organic ingredients and vitamins in it both can support you many nutrition, and it also plays an important role in medical treatment. Then can Polycystic Kidney Disease patients eat apricot in daily diet? The answer is certain. But we should know all kinds of fruits are limited in a PKD diet, apricot included.

The benefits from apricot for PKD patients

1. Apricot is rich in many kinds of vitamins which are helpful for human body. For example, vitamin B3 has the function of inhibiting the onset and growth of renal cysts; vitamins C can boost the immune systems of patients; and the vitamin B17 has magic effect in killing cancer cells, at the same time, there is no any side effect in the healthy cells.

2. Apricot contains much fiber and iron. When the renal cysts caused kidney damage, patients usually will suffer from poor appetite and anemia. Eating apricot can remit these symptoms.

3. In addition, the almond of apricot also is good for PKD patients, it can decrease the risk of being attacked by some disease, such as cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease and so on.

The disadvantages of apricot for PKD patients

When the PKD patients step into a serious period, they usually suffer a lot complications, such as hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, or high sugar. However, the apricot and its almond both are rich in sugar, potassium and phosphorus, too much them in body will cause damage to other tissues. So PKD patients should decide how much they should eat and whether they can eat according to their specific physical condition.

In a word, PKD patients can eat apricot properly in their daily diet if there are many complications bothered them. But what deserved to mention is that you had better consult your doctors before eating fruits, including the apricot. And if you want to know more about Polycystic Kidney Disease diet, you also can contact with our online doctors or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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