Diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients

Sometimes, the diet therapy is better than the drugs. And for the Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, except the positive treatment, the daily lifestyle especially for the diet is very important for them to control their physical condition. Then what should the patients do for their diet ?

The main part of the foods intake for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients should be insipid and digestible. Stimulating foods such like seafood, mutton, beef, pepper, liquor, coffee, chocolate and so on. In addition, Polycystic Kidney Disease patients with edema also should limit the salt and protein intake and drink less water. But for patients who don’t suffer from edema, they can have the normal quantity of water and protein. Moreover, Polycystic Kidney Disease patients can eat more alkaline foods which can inhibit the growth of renal cysts, assisting the treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease. And the high-vitamin and high-fiber foods are good for the metabolism of human body. Besides the strict diet, the cooking method is very important for keeping nutrients. The methods such like decoct, fry, bake, smoke should be replaced by the steam, stew, boil. And the less vegetable oil is the beast choice to cooking for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of chronic kidney disease, things such like mood swings, overwork, unsuitable diet and fall down all can heavier the disease. So Polycystic Kidney Disease patients should keep good mood and have a positive attitude to fight against with their disease. Patients can attend some entertainment activities and alternate work and rest, at the same time, patients should prevent jostling the cysts. But for the Polycystic Kidney Disease patients in a serious stage, they need have a bed rest.

All in all, the scientific diet is beneficial to the physical condition of Polycystic Kidney Disease patients. Patients must follow the doctors’ suggestions strictly. People who want to know more about diet for Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD can contact our online doctors or send email to, we will try our best to solve your question.


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