Diet Recipe to Shrink Cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Diet Recipe to Shrink Cysts in Polycystic Kidney DiseaseWhat can I eat and what shouldn’t I eat with Polycystic Kidney Disease? People say: “if there is no cate in the world, what is the meaning of long life? ” for Polycystic Kidney Disease patients with renal cysts, what you should know is that if you enjoy the delicious foods immoderately, the closer death get to you. Nutrition is the foundation of health and through the reasonable diet we can decrease the risk of attacked by disease. Then whether there are diet recipes that can shrink cysts in Polycystic Kidney Disease?

The healthy diet for renal cysts

1. According to traditional Chinese medicines, whole grains contain active substances which can be regarded Chinese medicines. Combing the whole grains with the daily diet, the renal cysts will move in a right direction.

2. Polycystic Kidney Disease patients also should pay attention to the quality and quantity of protein intake, because too much protein intake will heavier the burden of metabolism, causing further damage to the kidney. However, without enough protein, the normal activity of human being will be influenced.

3. Controlling salt intake is important for renal cysts patients. And patients should formulate the salt intake plan according to their physical condition and the kidney function degree.

4. If patients don’t have the symptoms of edema, heart failure and high blood pressure and are still in a light stage of the disease, they needn’t limit the water intake blindly for the metabolites can be excreted out of body with much water.

5. In addition, patients can eat more high-fiber, high-vitamin foods which are good for metabolism of human body.

Foods are forbidden for renal cysts

1. No high-fat and high-sugar foods

2. No spicy stimulate foods (pepper, liquor, shrimp, crab and so on)

3. No polluted foods (decaying, leftovers)

4. No broiled dishes

Except insisting the diet recipe seriously, Polycystic Kidney Disease patients with renal cysts also should have a good rest and avoid overwork. If the renal cysts is big, patients should protect themselves from strenuous exercise and abdomen trauma. If you want to know more about Polycystic Kidney Disease or diet for PKD, contact us online and leave us messages.

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