Can PKD Patients Eat Shrimp

Can PKD Patients Eat ShrimpIt is known to all, the diet for PKD is very strict. Well, can PKD patients eat shrimp? Follow me, i will give you the answer.

Frankly speaking, shrimp contains abundant protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, glutamic acid, omega-3 fatty acid and so on. Due to the high nutrition value, shrimp can protect many diseases, such as, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and so on.

Even if there are so many advantages of shrimp, PKD patients should better do not eat it or limit the shrimp intake. Because too much ingestion of the food will stimulate the growth of cyst, promote the secretion of cystic fluid, and cause further kidney damage. As a result, patients will bear great pain.

Generally, the specific intake is decided by patients’ own illness condition, if you happen to be a PKD patients, and want to know whether you can eat it or not. Send your test report to, after careful analysis, we will give you a concrete answer.

Except for this food, are there any other dietary recommendations for PKD patients?

1. If patients have high blood pressure or edema, they should keep a diet of low-salt. Common foods contained much salt like, preserved foods, pickles and so on.

2. In addition, a low-protein diet is also essential. Since lots of protein will increase the burden of failed kidneys, aggravate renal damage. Patients can take some high-quality protein, for instance, fish, egg white, lean meat, etc.

3. Patients should also pay attention to the foods that loaded in potassium. For example, laminaria japonica, soy foods, mushroom, black fungus and so on. Because massive potassium will lead to irregular heartbeat, or even more severe complications.

4. Besides, patients should also quit smoking, get rid of coffee, chocolate, spicy, cold foods in order to reduce the burden of injured kidneys. They should take more fresh fruits and vegetables to supply vitamin.

After the above suggestions, we do believe you have learned a lot, if you still have doubts about whether PKD patients should eat shrimp or not, leave a message below.


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