Can PKD Patients Eat Orange

Can PKD Patients Eat OrangeDue to renal functions damaged, Polycystic Kidney Disease patients need adhere to healthy diet for their condition, which will help them to decrease the burden of kidneys and protect residual functions. Therefore, they should know what foods they can eat or not. Is orange good for PKD patients? Can they eat orange?

Orange is one of common fruits that many people like its favor. It contains rich nutrition and can help us regulate health of the whole body. In addition, it has some special advantages for patients with PKD. Welcome to consult online doctor for free and fast information.

What are the advantages of orange?

1. It can prevent and lower high blood pressure.

As for PKD patients, high blood pressure is the common symptom, which will cause the further damage to kidneys. Thus, they should control high blood pressure strictly. Tangeretin in orange can help patients to increase blood vessels tenacity and extend blood vessels. It is good for patients with kidney disease to eat some orange to lower high blood pressure.

2. Orange can provide enough vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an important nutrition for us, which can help us to protect kidney functions and increase kidney filtration rate. So, patients with PKD can eat orange in daily life so as to increase their immunity and protect renal functions.

3. It also has the function of increasing appetite.

Because of damaged kidneys, kidney functions will decline, so that toxins and waste materials can not be discharged timely, there will be too much toxins in blood. However, patients will suffer from some serious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite. Orange exactly improves appetite for patients with PKD.

Last but not least, orange is helpful for relieving tiredness.

Patients with PKD are easy to feel fatigue, because their renal functions decline. Citric acid in orange can help patients to relieve their fatigue and tiredness.

We have mentioned above the advantages of orange, but it is not suitable for all of PKD patients, because orange contains potassium. For patients with high potassium, they are not recommended to eat orange. What foods and fruits should eat or not depends on the patient’s specific condition, in order to delay the progression of renal failure.

Our doctors have made different diet plans according to different condition. If you want to get a specific diet plan, please send us email to, or leave message below directly. We are glad to help you.


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