What are the Differences Between Polycystic Kidney Disease and Renal Cyst

What are the Differences Between Polycystic Kidney Disease and Renal CystWhat are the differences between Polycystic Kidney Disease and Renal Cyst? Maybe this is a common question that troubles people with cysts on kidney. Here, we are glad to answer questions.

After careful study, nephrologists at our center concluded the following differences.

1. Types: PKD can be divided into two categories, namely ADPKD(it is a common type) and ARPKD(it is a rare type). As for the latter one, simple kidney cyst, complex kidney cyst and parapelvic cyst are very common.

2. Pathogenesis: PKD is an inherited disease, until now, there is no such a treatment can cure it. For kidney cyst, the exact cause is unclear. However, other factors including infections, toxins, unhealthy diet, etc may worsen the illness condition.

3. Morbidity: Usually, the onset of polycystic kidney disease is after the age of 30. If someone is diagnosed with ADPKD, the possibility of their children getting affected by this disease is 50%. Kidney cyst can occur in both adults and women, but it is more common in people above their 50s.

4. Fluid within the cyst: The fluid within the cysts of PKD are mostly initial urine, while the latter one are usually body fluid and there can be blood cells in it.

5. Position and quantities of cysts: For PKD, cysts are mostly found on bilateral cysts, and the quantities are usually larger than that of kidney cyst. As for the latter one, one or more cysts can be found in unilateral kidney.

Except for the above differences, there can be some differences in the complications. For more info, you can email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com or click the Live Contact on the upper-right corner. Good luck!

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