How to Improve Kidney Function with PKD

How to Improve Kidney Function with PKDAbout three days ago, a person with PKD consulted us such a question: " how to improve kidney function effectively? " Today we will introduce this issue in detail:

As a genetic disease, Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) is mainly characterized by numerous fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. Until now, there is no cure for this disease. Therefore, how to improve kidney function has become their urgent task.

In it’s early stage, there are usually no obvious symptoms. With time, the cysts will increase both in sizes and quantities. Gradually, the enlarged cysts will oppress the adjacent renal tissues, and symptoms including hypertension, proteinuria, back pain, high creatinine level, etc may occur. And the onset of these symptoms are usually related to decline of kidney function.

How to improve kidney function with PKD?

In recent decades, more and more people begin to turn their eyes on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). Here, we suggest patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Compared with oral administration, it belongs to an external application. During the course, two bags filled with herbal medicines will be placed under the lower back. Then with the help of osmosis device, the medicines can effect on the kidney lesion directly.

By improving blood circulation, adjusting the inner and outer pressure of cysts, anti-inflammation, providing nutrient substances for the damaged kidneys, the cysts can be shrunk to an ideal size eventually. What’s more, renal function will be restored to a large degree.

Besides, a scientific diet can also help slow down it’s progression. In general, low-salt diet, low-protein diet, high-fiber diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc are suggested. But remember, it is necessary to talk with your nutritionist before eating some of the foods.

If you are presenting decline of kidney function and looking for an effective treatment, we are always here to help. Remember that the earlier the treatment, the better the efficacy. Anything unclear, you can chat with our online doctor or leave us a message below. Best wishes!


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